What are the Best Internship for Mechanical Engineers 2018

Why internship is much important in mechanical engineering

An internship provides you with hands-on experience that will help you for a job interview after completing graduation. In the market, there is a different type of summer internship opportunity for mechanical engineer.
Here i am providing some general guideline which is very important for a summer internship.

1)Apply Early as possible

Always try to apply for an internship before 4-5 month. There is high demand for quality internship and huge market competition. Applying early will help you get preferred internship & it will also create a positive impression on the company in which you are interning.

2) choose your interested area

Under mechanical engineering, there is several areas like Designing, RnD, Manufacturing, Testing, Quality, Purchase etc. And choose an area in which you feel excited to want to implement your all engineering skill. You can do multiple internships also. This will open multiple good opportunities.

3)Make relationship

After getting an internship to try to make a relationship with as many people as possible. Try to show more knowledge, take on more responsibilities, involved in the discussion, offer some tea/coffee to your senior it would create an impression about you which will continue to your workplace. If you involve with seniors and you will spend more time with them you will able to identify their roles.

4) Do all small work also

Some companies hire an intern for labor or chip work but you consider this work as an opportunity to learn more and get more hands-on experience. Each task you given will teach you more and it will help you to enhance your skill in that area.
Always say “I want to learn and I need to know it……”
Taking more responsibilities will make impression on the company and that will make them think that you would be good for company and team if hired.

5)make network

You may hire or not, but make more network or connection with a company employee and their customer. It will help you to get a new opportunity in future.

A Mechanical Engineering degree from Florida Tech offers internship opportunities for engineers, and they have been recruited by multinational companies like Boeing, GE, and Lockheed Martin for jobs after graduation. The admissions office would be happy to provide more information.
There are so many internship opportunities:-


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