Key Stuck in Ignition See here what to do ?

Its really stressful feeling to have your car key get stuck in the ignition of your vehicle .There are number of issues that may be causing the problem. You may panic and try to get it out, but it simply will not come out.Car keys are made of a soft metals and are easily breakable if handled roughly.

Any car key in an ignition should easily slide out after you have completely rotated it counter clockwise .It not come out , then you need to understand the possible cause of this problem.

key stuck in ignition

The top 5 causes for key stuck in ignition :-

  1. Parking gear not set

Vehicle which is equipped with automatic transmission are designed not to start if vehicle not in neutral or park mode.Starting a car when it is not in neutral or park mode could result in the vehicle lurching forward. Now its very important to check your shift lever to ensure it is completely park or neutral mode . The gear of the transmission must always be set to park or neutral mode before attempting to remove a car key from the ignition.

    2. Steering wheel lock

If you were applying any pressure to the steering wheel when you turned the car off, it may have locked the wheel in place with the steering pin.Now check the steering wheel and try to turn the wheel . If it will move than no problem if it will not move or move very slightly than it is likely locked .This is due to the ignition cylinder locking at the same time as the steering wheel lock. To release both locks at the sometime, try turning the key while wiggling the steering wheel around. You should be able to take the key out now or start the engine.

     3. Debris on key

When we open any packing using key and there may be chance of bits of tape stuck to the teeth of the key. This taps affect the function of key and also damage the teeth of the key and preventing it from working. However damage key prevent the key from turning and anything stuck to the key will also cause it to improperly engage the pins in the ignition cylinder.

  • Now here you clean the teeth of key than insert
  • Do not use key for opening any packaging

      4. Dead Battery

Check your battery is working properly or it in dead condition. Ignition system is depend on power from battery to work properly. If the battery dies, it will likely cause the ignition system to lock up. In this situation you won’t be able to move key out of the ignition.To solve this problem change you car battery or wait for a jump start.         

      5. Damage Key

When you insert key for ignition and it won’t turn it may be because the key has been damage and no longer able to engage with the correct pins to spin the cylinder.In this situation check the key for sign of excessive wear , rounding or broken teeth.

Solution for this problem is

  • Change or replace the key
  • Some keys require programming from the dealership when replaced. Refer to your owner’s manual to check the requirements for your vehicle
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