Engineering Model on Rear Axle with Differential

  • The rear axle assembly is fixed on the rear-wheel drive of the automobile. The final leg of a drive train is the rear axle assembly and it is most commonly called as the final drive. The rear end is its other name. One of the parts of the rear axle assembly is called differential.
  • Conventionally manufacturers have adopted a common design for making rear axle assemblies. This project is about the design of a rear axle with a differential.
  • The working and construction of rear axle will be clear only after making this project. The project clearly explains the design and principle of the project. The rear axle assembly includes the differential assembly, the rear drive axles, and the rear axle housing.
  • Load coming from road and engine all are sustained by rear axle assemblies. engine transfer power from the drive shaft to drive pinion gear assembly and differential pinion yoke/flange. Numbers of small parts make up this project hence, making this project requires a lot of attention and teaches you lots of mechanical concepts. Hence, it is a good choice for mechanical students.

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