Problem Statement :

In conventional vehicles companies are using different technology  for braking system like pneumatic, Hydraulics, Mechanical, air, etc. But all these braking mechanisms receive the signal or input power directly from the driver so they are totally manually operated. When the driver sees the obstacle or any vehicle in front of his driving vehicle, he gets irritated or becomes mazy. Due to this the driver fails to give the proper input to braking system and proper working does not occur. Also the driver may not able to pay the full attention during night travelling so there are many chances of accidents. When the accident occurs, there is no provision to minimize the damage of passengers and vehicle. Currently bumpers used in vehicles are of rigid types. These bumpers have limited capacity and this bumper can hold limited range of force  and when the range of the accidental force is very high then it fails and these forces transfer towards the passengers. So this system never reduces the damage of both vehicle and passengers.

To overcome these unwanted effects we have designed the eye sensor braking system with pneumatic bumpers.


The system has following objectives:

  • To increase the sureness of braking Application.
  • To increase the response time of braking system.
  • To improve the pre-crash safety.
  • To avoid the percentage of passenger injury by using external vehicle safety.
  • To assist the internal safety devices like air bags.

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The project is a combination of the mechanical and electronic unit, which is fairly known as the Mechatronics. The upcoming world is full of automation so we need to develop a system which is fully automatic.

Now a day vehicle accidents is the major problem. This breaking system is an new technology base & innovative project for the purpose of preventing accident . To overcome this problem we are going to develop a system which is helpful for the reduction of road accidents. It is the project which has been fully equipped and designed for auto vehicles. The technology of pneumatics plays a major role in the field of automation and modern machine shops and space robots.


  • Double acting pneumatic cylinders
  • 5/2 Solenoid valve
  • Chain sprocket
  • Axles
  • Wheels
  • Bearings

Double acting cylinder:-

Pneumatic cylinder also called as air cylinder is mechanical devices which use the power of compressed gas to produce a force in a reciprocating linear motion.

Hydraulic cylinder transfer force to move piston in desired direction using fluid .The piston is disc and the cylinder rod transfer the develop force to move object. Engineers sometimes prefer to use pneumatic because they are cleaner, quiter, and do not require large amounts of area for fluid storage.

Forces in a Double-Acting Cylinder:-

We already know that a double-acting cylinder can be much easy to use in pneumatic because both the movement outstroke and in-stroke are controlled by compressed air. This allows us to make use of both the outstroke and the in stroke force. What we learn, however, is that the outstroke force is greater than the in stroke force. Why is this case?

During the outstroke, the compressed air pushes against the surface area of the piston in the same way as in the single-acting cylinder

However, during the in stroke the surface area is reduced because of the piston rod. This means that the compressed air does not have as big an area to push against and so it does not produce as big a force

We can find this surface area, or effective area as it is known, by calculating the area of the piston rod and subtracting it from the surface area of the piston.

Effective area = piston area – piston rod area


5/2 solenoid valve:-

Directional control valves are one of the most basic and important parts in hydraulic and pneumatic machinery. They allow fluid flow to flow into one or many sources. They system consist  spool inside a cylinder which is electrically or mechanically controlled. The movement of the spool restricts or permits the flow, thus it controls the fluid flow.

eye sensor breaking system



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