• Due to increasing cost and stress on non-renewable source of energy , today world is focusing more on renewable energy and demand of renewable energy has been increasing continuously.
  • In this project we are focusing on producing electricity using wind energy.
  • When there is enough wind it rotate windmill and generates electricity owing to magnetic coupling between the rotating and stationary coil
  • Here we make a prototype of windmill and generating electricity to charge 12 v battery.
  • Here we used Atmega328 microcontroller which smartly senses and charges the battery while displaying the voltage on the LCD.
  • The Windmill, when in enough wind to drive it, generates power enough to charge a battery.
  • Windmill can work in favorable natural conditions by itself without consuming fossil fuel and without any harmful emission it can charge battery .
  • . Thus this project is an example how natural resources like the wind energy can be efficiently harnessed to produce electricity in harmony with nature.

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