Design and Fabrication of Anti Roll System

1.1 Problem Statement

In the hill station, the most common problem to the drivers is to park their cars in the slope and to start up the car. While waiting in the traffic, the cars have to move on step by step very slowly; this situation is a difficult one for the drivers to make their car not to roll back in the slope. So we develop the mechanism which stop the vehicle from rolling back and it should not stop the vehicle in accelerating forwards.

1.2 Objectives

The main objectives of the system are:

  • To overcome problem of sliding in reverse direction of a vehicle while on hill or any inclined surface.
  • To replace the electrical component in design of hill assist braking system by ratchet & pawl for cost optimization.

antiroll breaking system-mechanical projects for final year


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1.3 Scope Of Project

Directly use in the car

This mechanism is use in the directly in the all type of cars

Cost of the mechanism is not more that’s why there are no any ore changes in

Vehicle price

            New drivers are also drive the car on hill station without any problem

antiroll breaking system-mechanical projects for final yearantiroll breaking system-mechanical projects for final year


1.4 Methodology

The project mainly consists of the four wheel prototype which driven by using a motor. The frontal area is covered by the bumper, which is connected to the one pneumatic cylinder. The IR sensor is placed just below the bumper. When any obstacle is came in front of the vehicle then the installed infrared sensor senses that obstacle. The range of distance between the vehicle and obstacle is variable. This range is varied according to the density of vehicles or humans on road. IR signal collect the signals and pass this signal to control unit and control unit operate relay according to input signal.

At the same time, IR sensor activates solenoid which applies the brake as well as the pneumatic bumper. We must have to calculate the braking force for stoppage of vehicle and force acting on bumper in the case of collision. Also we have to calculate the cylinder dimensions for the calculation of the force applied.

antiroll breaking system-mechanical projects for final year


In this work, we used Ratchet and Pawl mechanism to stop  backward motion to the car. The ratchet is placed in the front drive shaft and the Pawl is fitted with the frame. When the vehicle is moved on hill road, the lever has to make the pawl to touch the ratchet. If the vehicle tends to move backward direction, the pawl would stop the ratchet to move Counter Clock-wise direction with respect to front wheel.

As the vehicle is in neutral position, the pawl engaged the ratchet and not allow vehicle to move in backward direction. So the hand brakes need not to be applied. When the vehicle is in moving condition, the engagement between the ratchet and pawl is detached.

We also introducing the Push button operated Single acting cylinder. The single acting cylinder is useful when a driver wants to drive vehicle in the reverse direction. The pneumatic cylinder will move in forward direction and the linkages will move for predetermined direction. This will provide to ride in reverse direction too.

antiroll breaking system-mechanical projects for final year

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