Design and calculation on compressed air production using vehicle suspension


In this project we are collecting air in to air cylinder simply by using vehicle suspension.

In this projects we are converting force energy into  COMPRESSED AIR USING SUSPENSION ACTION.

In this project we used air cylinder (vehicle suspensor), quick exhaust valve, Non-return valve and spring arrangement.

Design of Components:


Reciprocating Compressor

Non-Return Valve

Air Collecting Tank

Quick Exhaust Valve

Vehicle Frame

Suspension spring

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Working Principle:

When the vehicle runs on the off road then the wheel move up and down. We attached cylinder arrangement on the wheel axle. This motion is used to suck the air from the atmosphere. Thus the piston inside the cylinder creates the internal pressure and store air to the tank at certain pressure. This pressurized air is saved inside the tank.

The outlet of our cyclinder consists of four valves which are used to supply the air to other pneumatic applications.

non return valve we used to avoid the reversing of air flow to the atmosphere.

Drawing of System

compressed air production using vehicle suspension


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