Check Transmission Rebuild Remanufactured and Repair Cost

Transmission is one of the most important and costly components of cars. There is two type of transmission are in used Manual and Automatic transmission.

In Manual transmission, we need to input gear change using gear shifter and In automatic transmission shifting of gear done automatically without driver input.

The main use of transmission is to produce torque at a different speed. Transmission produces high torque at low speed and minimum torque at high speed.

Transmission is a very important part of an automobile. Because Internal combustion engine run at very high rotational speed and to transmit this high speed to all wheels is impossible. Using gear ratio, a transmission reduces the engine ’s rotational speed and increases the torque in the process using a torque converter as a fluid coupler.

Transmission rebuild cost

In this article, we will see
• Average Rebuild Cost
• A Different Factor that Affects the Cost
• Symptoms of a Problem
• How to do a Rebuild

Mainly vehicles used 5 to 6 speed gears its mean vehicles can run at 6 different speed and we can use complete power of the engine.Transmission remains in constant use and function within vehicle operation, which causes wear and tear to a component of transmission. Due to this transmission need continues to check and change of fluid on regular basis. Not keeping proper maintenance generate many serious problems for transmission.

The Average Cost of Replace, Rebuild and Repairing cost of Transmission is High

  • Transmission is one of the most expensive components of the car. According to transmission repair cost guider, transmission rebuild cost you around $1700 to $3500.

  • A used transmission cost you around $850 to $ 1600, and a rebuild transmission cost you around $1100 to $2900 and a manufactured from $1400 to $3500.

  • A mechanic will take 4 to 9 hrs to change complete transmission with a new one and it will cost you around $450 to $ 1250.

 transmission repair mechanic cost

Difference between Rebuild and Remanufactured Transmission

Remanufactured Transmission:-

Remanufactured transmission is the same as the rebuild transmission only, difference is that it manufactured  as per factory standard.

One uses a team of a skilled worker for inspection, a skilled worker for cleaning, several skilled workers for assembling and restoring component of transmission.

Rebuild transmission:-

Rebuild transmission means Disassembling complete transmission and performing complete inspection of transmission and replacing all damaged parts with a new one as per company standard.
(Simply mean removing a transmission from the car and replacing all damaging parts like gaskets, clutches, seals etc. with a new one. This all task is done by the specialist.)

Factors that affect the cost:-

Rebuilding cost of transmission depends on many factors. If the transmission needs to be completely replaced or rebuilt, the owner can expect  several thousand dollars for parts and skilled labor.

Following are the some main factors

  • Car model

    Transmission rebuild cost directly depends on the model of car. High or imported car cost high and domestic standard model cost less.

  • Old vs. new car

    As compared to a new car, the older car cost higher because it’s harder to find parts.

  • Automatic vs Manual Transmission

    Automatic transmission repair cost higher than manual transmission

  • Repairing Shops

    Some shops cost higher than the other for the same work( Cost depend on marketing, location, reputation, etc)

  • Location where you live

    Higher living cost directly impact repairing cost. The area with higher part cost, Higher worker service charge etc.

Symptoms of a problem:-

There are lots of symptoms of a Damaged Transmission and many problems can be solved by doing the proper maintenance of the car.

Check some of the symptoms
1. Gear slipping while driving
2. Fluid smells like it is burned
3. Hard to change gear
4. Unusual humming noise
5. Low RPM

 transmission rebuild and repair cost

Process of a Rebuilding Transmission:-

  • A rebuilding of transmission is very expensive and lengthy process. The mechanic must disassemble transmission and do full inspection and change damage parts. Before rebuilding or replacement below three aspects needs to be checked first.

  1. Changing the transmission fluid

This one is the most affordable and many owners find that they can do it themselves.Cause of many transmission failures is dirty fluid, which can also impact on engine efficiency and also make gear changing difficult.

2. Checking for trouble codes

In the automatic gear changing system, everything is controlled by a computer. If the sensor gives wrong information to computer transmission slipping and hard gear shifting will occur. This problem can be solve by changing sensor with new one.

3. Do test drive
Mechanic perform multiple diagnostic tests including test driving before disassembling transmission and replacing parts if required.

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