Best Way to Siphon Gas

Its really very important trick to learn . Why this is important you also know very well  !!!!

When you running out of gas is a really very helpless and miserable feeling you can ever experience and running out of gas where there’s not a gas station for miles.In normal time it’s ok but what about in emergency ??

For these reason ,it make sense to learn siphon an essential resource like gas.

There are various methods for siphoning gas.

siphon gas from a car

They all technically work, but some are more efficient, easier and better on your health than others.

So, there are advantages and disadvantages to the different methods.

We’ll cover the best (our most recommended) method first and our “last resort” method last.

Method 1: Use A Gas Siphon Pump this one easiest and safe method

For this method, you’ll need a siphon pump and a receptacle.

There are number of siphon ump are available in market some are affordable and some cost more dollar.

Now lets start the methods one by one

Step 1 – Place an open container below the gas tank and remove the tank lid.

Step 2 – Now insert the one end of siphon pump into container and one end into the gas tank until it get submerged or reach the bottom.

Its very important to check your siphon pump. Because many siphon pumps come with specific ends – one for the container and one for the fuel tank.

If you do not get the right end in the right place, you are just going to be blowing air into the tank.

Step 3 – Start pumping or pressing

Today siphon pump are come with lots of different design and style, some are plunger and some are bulbs you squeeze with your hand.

When you start pressing or  pumping, gas will start flowing.

Step 4 – When container is full , stop pumping.

Now when container is full , raise the output  end of the siphon higher than the gas tank to stop the flow and return any excess gas into the tank.

Important note:-Anti siphon/ Anti leak technology

Today newer cars are equipped with latest emergency anti-leak technology. This technology prevents fires in the event of a crash or rollover.

To siphon gas from a such tank , you can do normal suction like manual suction method but for this process also you need to keep metal flap open using a long objects like screwdriver  etc.

But using any metallic object is not recommended , as it can create a spark which can be deadly and it can also damage your vehicle’s fuel tank in the process.

Other techniques is use chopstick and hold the flap open .

Now many cars come with a anti-siphon valve , which allow only gas filling , doesn’t allow the entry of pipes .This above methods do not work on such cars.

So as you can tell, some cars are also better for siphoning gas out of than others.

In general, older cars have less technology so they will be easier siphoning.

products like the Gas Tapper are best for  ball-shaped valves. They have a thin inlet pipe which can  passes into the tank easily through the space around the ball valve, and is connected to a suction pump.

Method 2: Add Air Pressure To The Tank

For this method you will need two tube of 1-inch diameter ,container and wet cloths.

Step 1 – I consider this method much safer than mouth siphoning. Because in this method we are not using lung power we are creating pressure using mechanical method.

Now first insert the one end of siphon tube inside tank and one end inside container now blow into it and listen for bubbles.

Step 2 – Insert the smaller length of tube into the gas tank alongside the long one and now seal this using wet cloths.

Now try to keep seal air tight for this we are using wet cloths instead of dry one.

Step 3 – Place the container on the ground (lower than the gas tank) and insert the other end of the long tube into it.

Step 4 – now blow air inside the tank and increase the air pressure.

Try to blow with your mouth and not your lungs, to minimize the risk of inhaling gasoline.

Step 5 – Watch the longer tube for flow.

As you blow air into gas tank , the air pressure should force gasoline out of other tube and into your container.

Step 6 – when fill your container just remove the long end from the container and place thumb over the end to stop the flow.

Lift the tube above your head, release your thumb and let gravity pull the remaining gas back into the tank.

Method 3: last and worst Mouth Siphoning

For  this method you need only length of 1-inch diameter clear tubing and container.

This method is one of the worst method because it requires one to use their mouth to suck the gas online from tank to container.

You need to be extremely caution not to swallow a bunch of gas in the process.

Step1-Open the gas tank and insert deep long plastic tube inside, so its submerged in the gasoline. To test this submerged or not , blow into the tube , when you can hear bubbles , you are good to go.

Step2-Now place the container below the gas tank height on the ground . If you keep container above height gravity won’t be able to get gas out of the car.

Step3- Now start suck on the end of the tube to draw gasoline from the tank and be very careful because this all will happens fast , so be alert and ready .

Hold your hand just below the tip where you are sucking so you can crimp it when the gas comes up.

Step4-keep sucking until the gas reaches the bottom of the loop and when the gas is six inches from where you are holding the tube, Remove it from your mouth and plug it shut with a finger.

Step5-Now carefully lower this end into the open container let go of the crimp and let gravity do its thing.

Step6- when you reach the required amount and container is about to get full , again clamp the end of the pipe shut. This will cut off the flow of gasoline. Rise the end higher than the level of the tank .this will stop flow.

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