Don’t Ignore this Bad Fuel Pump Symptoms

Important Bad fuel pump symptoms

Fuel pump is a very important part of the automobile and its main function is to push fuel from the gas tank to the engine at the appropriate pressure to meet performance demands.

In some vehicle fuel pump is equipped with an electrical pump or in some vehicle equipped with the inline and mechanical style fuel pump.

Because it deals with very important function, therefore if you have any problem with your fuel pump and if you are not taking care of it then it will lead your car having to sit out on the sidelines.

So it’s very important to understand the warning sign of a faulty fuel pump – This way you can address any problem before it’s too late.

Bad fuel pump symptoms

Let’s see what the Bad Fuel Pump Symptoms:-

1) Sputtering sound coming from the engine

It is one of the indicators of the faulty fuel pump When you drive your car constantly at high speed. When vehicle run at high speed and clicking sound comes from the engine when the engine is engaged. There may be any other reason for this noise but fuel pump failure is most probable. So we are suggesting you please don’t ignore this voice.

2) Loss of power when racing or accelerating

Whenever you press acceleration to pass torque and your engine get shut down then you should definitely look to have your fuel pump inspected.

3) Increase in temperature

Pay attention to your engine temperature and check engine temperature on the gauge. If heat rise and your call stalls, this indicate the fuel pump problem in the car. If this problem remains to continue please check your fuel pump.

4) Change in Fuel pressure

It’s a pressure gauge which shows how much fuel is getting to the engine. When pressure is reduced and it provides less fuel to the engine, now it’s time to check the fuel pump and provide require maintenance.

5) Decrease in Mileage or average

Always take notice on mileage. How much your vehicle giving mileage and how frequently you are fuelling up your car. The fuel pump is equipped with the relieve valve and its function is to manage fuel flow into the engine. If relive valve is failing to open, it will pass more fuel to engine unnecessarily. This one is also major symptoms of the bad fuel pump.

6) Engine or car won’t start

When we ignore above mention all sign, this will result in complete fails of the fuel pump or to the point of not being able to provide enough fuel for the engine to run, the vehicle will experience a no start condition.
Another reason for fuel pump failure is if you regularly keep petrol less than ¼ of a tank in your car. So please keep require amount of fuel in the tank.

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