Automotive Mechanic Salary

  • How much does Auto mechanic earn?

The average automotive mechanic salary was $38,470 in 2016. The highest earn in this field is $64,070 and lowest is $21,470.Top earner in this field work in telecommunication, natural gas distribution, transmission and distribution, electric power generation, couriers and express delivery services, and scientific research and development services.

Automechanic salary chart

• The job description of the auto mechanic

Mechanic performs all maintenance and repair work on automobiles.
Provide all miscellaneous mechanic work and do all body work, diagnosing, disassembling and assembling components and engines.




• Required education

Typically require a high school diploma or its equivalent and may require a experience in this filed under moderate supervision.

There are lots of online courses also available
Auto mechanics online course:-

  • Steering, suspension, and tires
  • Electrical and electronic systems
  • Safety and environmental procedures
  • Vehicle service and repair
  • Emissions tuning
  • Brake systems
  • Automotive service shop procedures
  • Mechanical diagnostic techniques
  • Gas engine & fuel systems
  • Best Paying city for auto mechanics

The highest paid given to auto mechanics in the metropolitan area of Alaska san Francisco, Fairbanks, and California

City Salary
San jose ,California $53,620
Ann  Arbor, Michigan $54,620
Anaheim ,California $54,720
San Francisco $55,890
Fiarbanks ,Alaska $57,420
  • Ac mechanic salary in the USA

The average salary of an AC mechanic in the USA is $46,871 per year and $24 per hour. Entry level salary in this field is $33,000 and with more experience salary goes to $66,000.

Ac mechanic salary in USA





• Top qualities require in auto mechanics

Strong customer service skills

It’s a very important skill. Mechanic good with this skill can able to communicate well with customer and put them ease about the diagnosis and repair suggestions.

Good diagnostic skills

A good mechanics is able to quickly identify the source of the problem in the car and do require servicing in the car.

Strong communication skills

A good mechanics with good communication is able to translate difficult technical language into simple English for the customer.

 Problem-solving skill

A mechanics with good problem-solving skill can identify the problem quickly and find an appropriate solution for that problem within a limited amount of time.

 Up-To-Date technology

Technology in an automobile is changing continuously. A mechanic with updated technology knowledge can solve the problem of all new car. Like hybrid car become more popular and a mechanic with this new technology knowledge are most welcome in a market.


As the certification in this field is not much important but a mechanics with certification shows that a mechanic is Up-To-Date with new technology.

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